summer lookbook
Girl in back of van wearing Cane2's with America flag back drop.
A pair of Velde sitting on blanket.
A wave coming towards rocks and a sandy beach.
Girl with hat on skateboard wearing Kanara sneakers.
I dont care how long it takes me.
Girl sitting on railing wearing black sneakers.
Pair of Velde on a blanket with beach bag and small guitar.
Pair of untied Orlina sitting on fabric with flag background.
Two girls standing up against surfboards on the beach.
Two sea birds flying in the sky.
American flag waving.
Pair of Harris2 on beach blankets.
Girls on beach with surfboards and ice pops wearing sandals.
Girl inside van reading a map.
Bike, surfboard and back of van with beach background.
Girl in blue dress wearing white sandals with rocks in the background.
Pair of Babel shoes on blankets.
Girl kneeling on a railing wearing black sneakers.
Girls standing outside of their van with surfboards and a map.

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